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When contemplating the architecture of the internet and its effects in business, socially and in government, most can grasp that it is very different from the communications and media platforms of the past. Conventional wisdom based on control, scarcity and defined boundaries do not work in the internet society. A fresh approach with creative thinking lies behind new, innovative business models and services… and that approach is more likely to work in developing new policies and regulations for the governance of the internet.

In today’s The Age newspaper there is an article that draws on a recent biography of Albert Einstein authored by Walter Issacson. This observation caught my eye: “If you look at Einstein’s major theories – special relativity, general relativity and quantum theory of light – all three come from taking rebellious imaginative leaps that throw out old conventional wisdom. Einstein thought that the freest society with the most rebellious thinking would be the most creative”.

A similar creativity applies in scenario planning. I project managed Vision 20/20: Future Scenarios for the Communications Industry – Implications for Regulation. The methodology tapped into the imaginative power of individual and group creativity.

When evaluating and interpreting the outputs from the scenario workshops and expert feedback, it became clear to the project team that the conventional wisdom supporting the legacy regulatory framework should be discarded when developing new approaches. Imaginative leaps too are necessary in developing new policies and regulations that work in the internet society… and that is yet to happen.


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