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Happiness at work

‘Happiness at work’ – the subject of a seminar that I went to this week hosted by SACS Consulting. In brief, happiness at work is through having satisfaction with what you have done in the past and in the present; and having optimism about the future.

Gaining satisfaction comes from applying one’s unique strengths which are likely to result in higher self-esteem and recognition. Gaining satisfaction also comes through being well-connected to your work, especially through close alignment between oneself and the organisations perceived mission/future direction and in the intrinsic meaning of the work itself.

Employers benefit from higher levels of discretionary effort and less staff absenteeism & turnover.

I put my hand up to getting satisfaction out of the intrinsic meaning in horizon scanning and strategic research & analysis. The problem area is a blatan miss-match between the perception and the reality in organisations declared mission or future direction. Do you know of organisations that describe themselves as being “a learning organisation” not because of what they are, only that it is trendy?

Another take-away for me from the ‘happiness at work’ seminar was the view of the keynote speaker, Andrew Marty, that Australian political leaders in the 1980’s and 1990’s developed vision, whereas leaders in the 21st century focus on identifying and solve problems in the present. I wonder why? I suspect Mr Marty is right, but why is that the case? Is it somehow tied to the pace of change where there are so many problems in the present that it crowds out the longer-term view?


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