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Who am I? Who are you? Who are they? What is that?

One’s ‘identity’ usually applies to the physical you. With digitalisation and the internet, ‘identity’ in addition means email addresses or instant messaging addresses and ‘presence’ – being online or not, or being in a particular location or not (location-based); ‘digital identity’ – details of a physical person that are uniquely identified through biometrics and turned into digitalised data that is stored on the web; ‘virtual identity’ – the form one might take on in social networks such as Second Life, or in other web-based applications. The development of a ‘universal’ ID is a plausible idea given the forever multiplying forms of electronic addresses and digital identification tied to individuals and entities.

In time, with developments such as augmented reality, the physical characteristics of people, or groups of people and things (such as buildings) will be alterable in accordance with a users’ preferences. What would that do to one’s perception of ‘identity’. One’s virtual or digital identities could potentially be alterable by design or perhaps even by harmful intent.

Physical identities are either associated with a physical location (eg. home address) or with an individual (eg. photo driver licence). Telephone numbers are allocated to physical identities. In a digitalised and globalised world, physical location is less relevant. People and entities can be ‘present’ anywhere at any time. People and entities can have multiple internet addresses and multiple virtual personalities. So ‘place’ and ‘physical’ are declining in relative importance.

Might there one day be a need for integrating identities or reassembling identities to some form of international or jurisdictional standard?


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